Did you know that 69% of glyphosate was applied alone in Western Canada in 2015? And that number was as high as 72% in Eastern Canada? And did you know that practice puts growers at serious risk for developing herbicide resistant weeds?1


There’s a lot of information out there when it comes to weed management, but not all of it is reliable. For example, some growers have started rotating traits to prevent herbicide resistance. In reality, research from Hugh Beckie and Xavier Reboud has shown that mixtures of two herbicides are far more effective at slowing the evolution of herbicide-resistant weeds compared to an annual rotation of herbicides.2


Monsanto Crop Management Solutions is a new initiative that supports farmers in their mission to overcome challenges in the field. And we’re doing it by bringing clarity and strategic thinking to the table.


To start, we’re tackling immediate concerns on tough-to-control and herbicide resistance weeds. We’re sharing recommendations, advice and resources designed to help growers outsmart weeds and build a proactive weed management strategy for your farm.


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2. Beckie and Reboud, 2009. Selecting for Weed Resistance: Herbicide Rotation and Mixture. Weed Technology, 23: 363-370